The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Next Stop Hello Magazine

As we carry on from Ratnagiri, it was almost 4km before we started the usual climb out of town. There were a few modern looking resorts and hotels southwards, but it almost seems as if a boom has come and gone as there was so little activity and signs of tourist life. Now cycling along… Read More

Just Ask The Way

Do you really need a map when cycling leisurely with not time constraints in a country like India? We like information so we are equipped with the Nelles map of South India and an old Lonely Planet map book.  Being modern wrinklies, I invested in the Garmin Edge 810 and downloaded the Openstreetmap for India. … Read More

Bays, Beaches and Beers

The first post of our cycle trip in India was done in a hurry in a backstreet internet cafe in Dapoli.  Since then we have had time to reflect on the trip so far.  Whilst we have found roads in terrible conditions and ascents murderous, the overall impression has been incredible.  Having tried as much… Read More

Off We Go – The Only Way Is Up

Day 1 – Mumbai to Alibag 35km including ferry. I believe that when you are cycling south psychologically it feels like you should be going downhill.  The start of this trip has totally proved this theory wrong.  All we seem to be doing is riding up up and more up. It was a great start… Read More

Bicycles and Broken Teeth

Day one of our trip to India. We arrived in Mumbai with our boxed bikes intact. Less could be said about my teeth! On the flight, I managed to break two molars on lamb noisettes. I was distraught to say the least and could not have enjoyed a flight less. We prefer to travel premium… Read More