The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


End of the Road…For Now

You know it’s almost over when you start wishing for swimming pools rather than the saddle. Our stay at the Kailash Beach Resort was an absolute delight. For the most part we were the only paying guests, which afforded us excellent personal service. It seems that a lot of their income is derived from Scandinavian… Read More

Back to Pondicherry

After a few tranquil days in Tranquebar, we were back on our bikes again heading north towards Pondicherry. Our first stop would be Chidambaram, an extremely hot 55km ride. Our route kept us on NH45A which was a bit of a nightmare. There were only a few sections of decent road for cycling, most of… Read More