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Happy New Year Cycling Spain

Three blissful days of cycling the Ruta de la Plata in Spain! As we left Bejar for the 60km trip to Plasencia, it was bitterly cold and windy, but after a stiff climb out of the city, the sun soon warmed our faces and it was all downhill. The scenery was superb being surrounded by… Read More

Ham Anyone? Cycle Spain

If you are a vegetarian, forget this part of central Spain. Everywhere, the pig and its delicacies are an everyday part of passing the time in bars, cafés and restaurants with the obligatory vino de la casa. If you are not vegan, then console yourself with superb cheeses, olives and bread to die for. We… Read More

Foggy Spain

We were sad to leave the historic city of Zamora especially as the early morning start was shrouded in dense freezing fog. Once out of the city, the N630 was extremely devoid of traffic, and even the parallel motorway was hardly busy for a Saturday. It was a rolling 67km to Salamanca and unfortunately the… Read More

Spanish Plains

Flat and flatter! That is all that can be said of the 73km ride from Leon to Benavente. Yet the weather is improving. No rain and when the sun breaks through it feels wonderful on the face. But it is still cold! The N630 is straight as straight could be so much so that you… Read More

Ruta de la Plata – Plain Sailing

It was a mere 5km, 380m ascent at 17% to the Puerto de Pajares. We were shattered. But it was a clear, cold sunny day and the views of the snow covered peaks was an absolute joy to behold. There is nothing at the pass to warrant a break other than taking photographs, so it… Read More

Ruta de la Plata – Albergues

Most of our guides and maps for the Ruta de la Plata promote hostels or Albergues as economic places to stay along the route. Sadly, at this time of year, many are closed. So we have been using who have a brilliant app and website for finding accommodation. When we left Oviedo, we knew… Read More

Ruta de la Plata – Tomorrow

Tomorrow we join the Ruta de la Plata and head south. Soon we will climbing almost 1,000m to Puerto de Pajares once a destination on Vuelta a Espana. And snow is forecast. That’s why we have spent three days here in historic, enchanting Oviedo, resting and preparing for the route ahead. Getting here from Ribadesella… Read More

Spain Still Up and Down

As we left San Vicente, it wasn’t raining, but that was not to last too long. Along N634 we have to compliment the courteous Spanish car drivers. They are always giving us wide berths and we also get the odd toot of encouragement. Between Unquera and El Parel, the adjacent motorway is under construction so… Read More

Spain – Another Day

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains. Rubbish! We are on the north coast and among the hills. It was raining in Santillana Del Mar as we set off this morning. Thankfully, we managed to dodge most of the downpours during the day, but it did mean spending some time in  Tapas bars.… Read More

Camino de Santiago – Day 1 – Spain

It was raining as we set off this morning from Santander but it could not dampen our spirits being on our bikes again. We had no problems leaving town as my Garmin Edge 810 equipped with the free Velomap easily took us away from the traffic. What was surprising though was the absence of any… Read More