The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Bicycle Horn of Morocco

How can little simple things give so much pleasure and enjoyment. My £9.99 two tone horn from Halfords certainly does! From the ferry loaders at Tarifa, inquisitive children, hotel porters and the odd passer by just can’t resist the chance of a playful squeeze. It was meant as a warning yet has become a toy.… Read More

Goodbye Spain, Hello Morocco

After 1300km cycling down through Spain, it was time to say goodbye. We caught the ferry from Tarifa, €104 for the two of us and our bicycles. It was scheduled to leave at 11am but was cancelled due to bad weather so we ended up on the 1pm sailing. It was rough but we made… Read More

Tarifa the Finale

After 45km today we have reached Tarifa, the southern most point in mainland Spain. It was a tough day of over 500m ascent as we followed what will become Eurovelo 8. The coastline scenery was stunning with hazy views of Africa in the distance. Kite surfing is the order of the day in this town… Read More

Spain Bicycle C2C

We have done it! 1,300km C2C down through Spain. Mainly following the Ruta de la Plata and other Pilgrim routes on the Camino Santiago. Our last 35km day bypassed another white hilltop town of Vejar de la Frontera before arriving back on the Atlantic at Barbate. The windmills described by Cervantes have been replaced with… Read More

Los Pueblos Blancos

Unfortunately, our photo of Arcos de la Frontera, one of the spectacular hilltop white towns and cities of Andalucia, is hardly an award winner on a hazy Wednesday morning. Yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it was a joy for us. We were leaving the town after two gruelling days cycling.… Read More

Kings, Romans, Fog & Sun

We started off our new year cycling in Spain with a rolling 70km ride from Caceres to Merida on a cold, but clear and sunny day. The road was extremely devoid of traffic which made cycling a dream. Due to the upcoming festival of Epiphany, or Reyes, we had booked an apartment in Merida for… Read More