The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Mississippi River Trail

These tatty maps and Bob Robinson’s book are ready for take off again. After some quality time off bikes with our grandchildren, we have some unfinished business starting in June to complete the Mississippi River Trail. It has been a fragmented journey over a number of years. Firstly, Tallahassee to New Orleans, then upstream ‘old… Read More

Way of the Roses

We had a good laugh today with Andrew Sykes at Cycling Europe who is ditching paper guide books in favour of his e-reader. Nevertheless, like us, and Jenny in particular, we both will not give up our paper maps. I am very fond of my Garmin Edge and find it brilliant for short term navigation, but… Read More

Cotswolds Cycle Tour

Britain has such a fabulous national cycle network and series of themed routes so much so that we are all spoilt for choice. We intend to tackle the Way of the Roses on our return to England but have time for more before we head off to Mississippi. So, after random surfing, we stumbled across… Read More

Bicycle Plans USA

Memphis and the Mississippi beckon. Our flights are booked for June. Hopefully, we will complete our goal of cycling the entire Mississippi River Trail. On a previous cycle trip we pedalled from Florida to New Orleans and started the MRT north to Memphis. Sadly, this was before we started this blog. In 2013, we set… Read More

Bicycle Plans England

It is only just over a week and we will be returning to England. First, we have some grand parenting duties to carry out with expectant pleasure. Then it is back on the saddles and pedals for another coast to coast. We completed the iconic C2C and Transpennine Way last year so we are now… Read More