The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Crete & Onwards?

One of the many pleasures of slow cycling without timescale pressure is to sit back and enjoy the surroundings. So, this is what we are doing at a leisurely pace. Next stop in Rethymno was the imposing Venetian Fortezza and another stroll through the old town. Back in our hotel, we also have had plenty… Read More

Rethymno Stroll

On a cloudy, showery day, we took a leisurely stroll around the harbour and old town of Rethymno again. What strikes us most about Crete’s third largest city, is the relative prosperity and lack of austerity that we hear so much of about Greece. This may well be a naïve observation as fleeting visitors, not… Read More

Rethymno Crete

We always knew that we were going to stay a few weeks here in Rethymno using our RCI property exchange. The plan was to explore the surroundings by bicycle. We also knew it was hilly! What’s difficult to factor in is a comfortable sunny hotel balcony underlooking those hills and thinking that they could wait.… Read More

Where do the children play?

This is not a story about cycling. This is a story about playing, pleasure and being carefree. This is a story for our grandchildren. Remember the days of the old school yard? Perhaps not. Yet today, the opportunities for our youngsters to play outdoors is being diminished all too quickly. Playing fields, parks and open… Read More

Cycling Philosophy

We’re sure that the majority of cycling friends have been chuckling to themselves when viewing our recent trip statistics on Garmin Connect. Yet beneath the facts and figures there is a philosophy behind the go slow cycling approach well known to any of our followers. We are extremely lucky to be retired, unburdened with property,… Read More

Cycle Crete Coast

We decided today to take the coast road to Rethymno avoiding the hills and olive groves. Luckily, we hardly travelled on E75, and cycled along adjacent roads and tracks. It was another clear day of blue skies. The coastline is absolutely amazing and the day was brilliantly warm for a November trip. Rethymno looked incredible… Read More

More Cycling Crete

With our couple of trips around Kissamos under our belts, and a few rest days, we were more than ready to get fully loaded and on our way. Day one, so to speak, was a mere 22km to Spilia in bright sunshine. Plenty of climbs, stunning scenery, olive trees and fabulous cycling. Our choice of… Read More

Around Kissamos

Another beautiful sunny day for a cycle ride around western Crete here in Kissamos. This time, we headed south, directly uphill. Thankfully, we are not loaded yet, so although steep, we just about managed with the climbs. All the effort was more than compensated with the spectacular views. Olive groves as far as the eye… Read More

Cycling Crete

Many of you will know that I am not the most proficient of bicycle mechanics. I’m okay with punctures, but the mysteries of brakes, gears and chains elude me somewhat. Sure, I can tinker, like my football team’s manager Ranieri, but my success is more down to luck. And so it was on day one… Read More

Crete Bikes Tomorrow

Today is our last day of leisure here on the Greek island of Crete. Chania seems to be shutting down for winter but we still find a welcome by the harbour at Gallini’s. The weather is superb. Sunny, warm and clear skies. The most rewarding aspect of cycling, and travel in general is the interaction… Read More