The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Patra Cycling Just

Not much cycling being done at the moment as we enjoy our Christmas and New Year here in Patra, Peloponnese. The weather has been absolutely fantastic. Full sun, clear skies and hardly a breath of wind. Long may it continue. We only had 8km to decamp from the Porto Rio Hotel and Casino to downtown… Read More

Cycle Greece Christmas

We are fast approaching our Christmas break on our cycle trip in Greece. It’s all Greek to me, but I have learnt Καλά Χριστούγεννα (Happy Christmas). From Diakopto, we headed another 30km to the picturesque beach town of Selianitika. On the whole, it is relatively flat, but we are still plagued with constant construction works. It… Read More

Cycle Railway Greece

Today was not all about cycling. Yes, it was a 16km ride to Diakopto, but our aim was to be tourists and take the famous train up to Kalavrita. It was slightly more rolling on the old national road but very quiet in terms of traffic. We also encountered another pair of loaded touring cyclists… Read More

Bicycle Greece Part?

We found an absolute gem at Akrata. A mere 30km on from Xilokastro, is the finest welcome you could ever wish for at Antonio’s Rooms. More to come, just after summing up another easy, flat cycle ride along the Gulf of Corinth. It is just great to be so close to the coast. The sun… Read More

Bicycle Peloponnese

We are guessing that once we crossed the iconic Corinth Canal, then we are in the Peloponnese. The sea views change from left to right. But the mountains remain, and some look like they have a sprinkling of snow. We are loving Greece. It’s such a can do country, or should we say, can do… Read More

Ranting in Greece by Bicycle

This is mainly a bicycle travel blog, but every now and again, our wanderings leave us bemused and frustrated. So, before you may be bored by our rantings, here are the cycling highlights. Leaving our hotel this morning, the weather is now distinctly wintery. Cold, grey and windy. Firstly, it was rolling, but soon it… Read More

Leaving Salamina by Bicycle

After another rest day, we were up and running again today. Well, that was after mending an early morning puncture. If you can navigate out of the port of Pireaus, then we would highly recommend using Salamina as a transit route towards Corinth and the Peloponnese. With ferries at either end of the island, it… Read More

Crete to Salamina

We were very sad to be leaving Perama, but the journey must continue, however slowly our trip is taking. The cycle ride to Iraklion and the ferry can only be described in one word. Stunning! The climbs were not as hard as we imagined, yet the views were out of this world. What a fantastic… Read More

We Don’t Want to Leave Crete

A flat tyre this morning and a double celebration yesterday made up our minds. We are staying another day. My birthday was complemented with home made red wine and delicious stuffed vegetables courtesy of our wonderful hosts. With Leicester City top of the league, me and Grandson Ethan are made up! Imagine our delight then… Read More

Birthday Crete

Today I had to make a slow Epicurean cyclist decision. Climb a big hill or enjoy a beer on our sunny, warm balcony. It’s not everyday one reaches 63. The beer won! Iraklion can wait for tomorrow. I’m blessed with a wonderful family, a lifestyle of leisure, good health and cycling the world with the… Read More