The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…

First Cycle Ride with Grandchildren

Today we embarked on our first cycle ride with our 10 and 8 year old grandchildren. Okay, it was a modest 7 mile trip along the Grand Union Canal around Brentford and Hanwell, but the sun was shining and it was a fun day for all of us.


The children found out how locks worked and provided a helping hand as a boat navigated through. They understood the significance of the historical buildings along the waterway and amazed by I K Brunel’s unique three bridges.


At least we knew the requirements for increased calorie intake even on a short ride. So, a picnic and another food stop ensured all energy levels were well topped up!


So, we hope this will be the beginning of many more adventures with grandparentonabike.