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Hello Brittany Again

If  there was ever a day that can be described as a perfect cycling day, then this was it. Flat, mainly sunny, mostly traffic free and very little wind. So we left Mont Saint Michel behind and headed back into Brittany again. The monument can still be seen for miles behind us, especially on such a lovely day. Then, we joined the coast again for the first time since leaving Cherbourg.


It was only a 32km trip to Saint Benoit, but it was just great to be back along the coast and seeing the mussel and oyster beds again. Some sampling is no doubt in order. We passed rows of renovated windmills on our way into Saint Benoit and our campsite L’Isle Verte.


We now have so much time, so we will be slowly meandering to Cancale, then St Malo. We will definitely be smelling the roses, or should it be oysters!