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Leaving Lisbon

After a couple of days sightseeing around Lisbon, we were more than ready this morning to get on the bikes and head south out of the capital. My LCFC hat has prompted many a conversation with football fan waiters. It certainly makes me proud to associate my club with the Champions League.


It was a wet and dismal start to the ferry crossing to Seixal, yet the 30 minute crossing was a doddle with the loaded cycles, and all for €2.85 each. We were soon up and running out of town and the rain was holding off for a while.


Soon we joined the busy N10 but it was gratifying to have a wide shoulder as a buffer from the traffic. Mainly urban and industrial scenery made for an uneventful ride, but the relatively easy trip gave us a good 34km run out on our new folding bikes.


We’re not convinced that the folders are going to be a long term touring option. They’re light enough for handling on public transport, but the lack of gearing and smaller wheels make for a harder ride. This trip should be less than 1,000km, so we’ll reserve judgement until the new year.


We were expecting to reach Setubal this afternoon, but some persistent showers cut short the day at Hotel Club Azeitao. A beautifully restored 17th century residence with lovely grounds found on for less than £40 including breakfast.


The late afternoon turned out to be very pleasant but, unfortunately, there are more showers predicted which may lead to bedraggled grandparentsonabike very soon!


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  1. Jane Taylor says

    Glad to read that you’re off on the travels again. How can I follow your blog regularly ? I can’t find anywhere that says “follow”.

    • Grandma&Grandpa says

      Many thanks. We don’t have an option for notifications. Our daughter set up the blog, so we’ll check with her. In the meantime, we post a link to the blog on grandparentsonabike Facebook and Instagram whenever we publish a post. We think you can follow grandparentsonabike on Facebook and Instagram.

      • Jane Taylor says

        Thanks Jenny , will have a look on Facebook.