The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…

Mont Saint Michel

There is no doubt that the highlight of the Tour de Manche a velo cycle ride has to be the impressive and imposing Le Mont Saint Michel. It did not disappoint. From our campsite at Pontanbault, we were soon winding our way along the Normandy marshes, then suddenly the Mont came into view in the distance.


It rises out of the sea above the horizon. My photographs are nothing compared to the thrill of seeing such a magnificent edifice beckoning.


Mont Saint Michel was tantalising close, yet the bicycle path would take us many more kilometres away from the historic monument. Yet at every twist and turn in the road, there it was in all its glory.


Our destination for the day would be the tourist campsite Aux Pommiers after 24km. Very friendly staff who gave us a convenient pitch near to the washrooms and a sunny verandah where we could charge our devices.


After a good nights rest, we rode our bikes towards the Mont. We could have cycled all the way along the causeway, but chose to park up by the barrage and walk.


That way we could take in the fabulous views and revel in the mudlarks tramping through the sticky sands at low tide. Looks fun, but not for us.


It really does live up to all of your expectations. We are not ones for exploring the intricacies of buildings and museums, so did not venture inside. Having said that, it just seems a structure that one can fully admire and appreciate from the outside.


We are now nearing the end of the Tour De Manche a velo, with Cancale and St Malo to come. Oh, there is one way to blot a wonderful sight!