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Portugal by Folding Bikes

Next week we set off to Lisbon for our winter bicycle tour of Southern Portugal. This time we shall be tackling the route using Carrera InterCity folding bikes.

Just lately, we travelled down to Ramsgate and Whitstable so as to try them out and get used to carrying panniers. They seem fine although we’re not sure that the gears will cope with Portuguese hills! As we don’t do hills anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem.


We’ve packed for the flight like normal bikes in full size adult bike boxes. If you could get hold of the boxes that the folding bikes were shipped in they would still be within BA’s sporting goods dimensions.


So here’s hoping that the weather will be kind to us as we head south to the Algarve. We’ll keep you all posted of our progress over the coming weeks.


2 Responses

  1. Jane Taylor says

    Shall look forward to reading of sunny exploits whilst we enjoy, sorry endure, the winter. Happy pedalling.

    • Grandma&Grandpa says

      Thanks. We hope so. 17℃ looks more promising.