The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Cycle Europe Break

It has been a difficult time of late. Our mid season break in Patra, Greece, and my football trip to England, all went to plan. The ferry to Brindisi was booked, and we were looking forward to continuing cycling around Southern Italy. Then, family concerns have necessitated that we return to England. Without going into… Read More

Crete Peloponnese Cycle Review

Now, we’re sure that many of you may not consider 875km of cycling in Crete and the Peloponnese much of an adventure. Plus, doing this on our bikes for one month in three, doesn’t sound like much of a commitment. Well, you should consider our age, the time of year, the holidays, the Greek strikes… Read More

Crete to Salamina

We were very sad to be leaving Perama, but the journey must continue, however slowly our trip is taking. The cycle ride to Iraklion and the ferry can only be described in one word. Stunning! The climbs were not as hard as we imagined, yet the views were out of this world. What a fantastic… Read More

We Don’t Want to Leave Crete

A flat tyre this morning and a double celebration yesterday made up our minds. We are staying another day. My birthday was complemented with home made red wine and delicious stuffed vegetables courtesy of our wonderful hosts. With Leicester City top of the league, me and Grandson Ethan are made up! Imagine our delight then… Read More

Birthday Crete

Today I had to make a slow Epicurean cyclist decision. Climb a big hill or enjoy a beer on our sunny, warm balcony. It’s not everyday one reaches 63. The beer won! Iraklion can wait for tomorrow. I’m blessed with a wonderful family, a lifestyle of leisure, good health and cycling the world with the… Read More

Wallets on Wheels Crete

We started off today with some trepidation. Our first day of ‘proper’ cycling for a few weeks. We need not have been worried. The sun was shining and it was relatively warm. Leaving Rethymno along the coast road was a delight with very little traffic. The town stretches for many a kilometre and soon it… Read More

Crete & Onwards?

One of the many pleasures of slow cycling without timescale pressure is to sit back and enjoy the surroundings. So, this is what we are doing at a leisurely pace. Next stop in Rethymno was the imposing Venetian Fortezza and another stroll through the old town. Back in our hotel, we also have had plenty… Read More

Rethymno Stroll

On a cloudy, showery day, we took a leisurely stroll around the harbour and old town of Rethymno again. What strikes us most about Crete’s third largest city, is the relative prosperity and lack of austerity that we hear so much of about Greece. This may well be a naïve observation as fleeting visitors, not… Read More

Rethymno Crete

We always knew that we were going to stay a few weeks here in Rethymno using our RCI property exchange. The plan was to explore the surroundings by bicycle. We also knew it was hilly! What’s difficult to factor in is a comfortable sunny hotel balcony underlooking those hills and thinking that they could wait.… Read More

Cycling Philosophy

We’re sure that the majority of cycling friends have been chuckling to themselves when viewing our recent trip statistics on Garmin Connect. Yet beneath the facts and figures there is a philosophy behind the go slow cycling approach well known to any of our followers. We are extremely lucky to be retired, unburdened with property,… Read More