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Cycle Paths’

Welcome to Ireland Portimao

I know it’s been over a week since our last post, but I’m not a happy bunny. Firstly, my phone SD card has crashed again, and secondly, the cycling has not turned out to be that much fun. More about that later and the reasons why, but in the meantime, let’s catch up with our… Read More

More Cycle Fun in Portugal

After a couple of days relaxing in Vila Nova de Milfontes, it was a hazy Thursday morning ride to Zambujeira do Mar, some 32km of uneventful riding. The scenery may not be so dramatic, but the final views over the beach in Zambujeira were pretty spectacular. Luckily, the cafés were open on this holiday Thursday… Read More

Three of the Best in Portugal

Things are looking up. We have had the best three days of cycling here on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal. Sunday was meant to be another wet and windy day, yet we left Carvahal in hazy sunshine. It did darken and rain and wind came a plenty, but it’s not cold, so we battled on.… Read More

Folding Folly?

As with all decisions in life, there is always a compromise. We chose the economic range of folding bikes to try out touring with them on a short trip to Portugal. To be honest, after two days, and 80km, we are not enamoured. To be fair, they are well made and lightish for travel, but… Read More

Leaving Lisbon

After a couple of days sightseeing around Lisbon, we were more than ready this morning to get on the bikes and head south out of the capital. My LCFC hat has prompted many a conversation with football fan waiters. It certainly makes me proud to associate my club with the Champions League. It was a… Read More

Portugal by Folding Bikes

Next week we set off to Lisbon for our winter bicycle tour of Southern Portugal. This time we shall be tackling the route using Carrera InterCity folding bikes. Just lately, we travelled down to Ramsgate and Whitstable so as to try them out and get used to carrying panniers. They seem fine although we’re not… Read More

To Fold or not to Fold

We’ve been thinking for some time now on how to make life easier when transporting touring bicycles on public transport. The restrictions and a variety of rules, especially on trains, can make journeys very stressful with loaded cycles. So, we’ve decided to give folding bikes a go for our upcoming winter trip to Portugal. Rather… Read More

Tour de Manche the End

We  have finally completed the French section of Le Tour de Manche a velo. The 400km trip must go down as the slowest bicycle ride on the route! Leaving St Benoit des Ondes, it was only 11km to our campsite Les Genets just outside Cancale. The weather was miserable, so we stayed put in a… Read More

Hello Brittany Again

If  there was ever a day that can be described as a perfect cycling day, then this was it. Flat, mainly sunny, mostly traffic free and very little wind. So we left Mont Saint Michel behind and headed back into Brittany again. The monument can still be seen for miles behind us, especially on such… Read More

Mont Saint Michel

There is no doubt that the highlight of the Tour de Manche a velo cycle ride has to be the impressive and imposing Le Mont Saint Michel. It did not disappoint. From our campsite at Pontanbault, we were soon winding our way along the Normandy marshes, then suddenly the Mont came into view in the… Read More