The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Folding Folly?

As with all decisions in life, there is always a compromise. We chose the economic range of folding bikes to try out touring with them on a short trip to Portugal. To be honest, after two days, and 80km, we are not enamoured. To be fair, they are well made and lightish for travel, but… Read More

Leaving Lisbon

After a couple of days sightseeing around Lisbon, we were more than ready this morning to get on the bikes and head south out of the capital. My LCFC hat has prompted many a conversation with football fan waiters. It certainly makes me proud to associate my club with the Champions League. It was a… Read More

Tour de Manche 1

We are now on our way. The Brittany Ferries sailing from Plymouth to Roscoff went without a hitch. Fabulous crossing, great service and a very comfortable cabin. We left the boat easily along with dozens of other touring cyclists all heading in different directions. It did seem though that all roads firstly lead to Morlaix.… Read More

Tour de Manche

We think that we are ready for our latest cycle trip next week, the Tour De Manche. For those unfamiliar with the route, it is a cycle ride around the English and French coasts of the Channel or La Manche. Simple. The French section is from Cherbourg to Roscoff, whilst England takes you from Plymouth… Read More

RvN by Half The Finish

We couldn’t say it was a stunning end to our cycle ride around The Netherlands, but it was warm, and the paths brilliant as usual. Gouda was an absolute delight though. If you love cheese, you’ll love this town. We forgot to add the photographs of the incredible castle yesterday at De Haar. Very Bavarian… Read More

Dunes Dykes & Tulips

On day 3, we left Loetje’s after a hearty breakfast, and then through Bloemendaal back to the forest path towards Santport. At IJmuiden, we took a short ferry across the port canal, dominated by a huge Tata Steel plant. Once past the industrial zone, we were back to the all to familiar sand dune territory.… Read More

Land of Bicycles

We are on our way on the Ronde van Nederland! What a great way to start. The Abellio train out of Liverpool Street Station was smooth as silk. A big cycle carriage catering for at least 6 bikes and really helpful staff. At Manningtree, we had to change for Harwich. The platform manager held up… Read More

Cycle Europe Break

It has been a difficult time of late. Our mid season break in Patra, Greece, and my football trip to England, all went to plan. The ferry to Brindisi was booked, and we were looking forward to continuing cycling around Southern Italy. Then, family concerns have necessitated that we return to England. Without going into… Read More

Crete Peloponnese Cycle Review

Now, we’re sure that many of you may not consider 875km of cycling in Crete and the Peloponnese much of an adventure. Plus, doing this on our bikes for one month in three, doesn’t sound like much of a commitment. Well, you should consider our age, the time of year, the holidays, the Greek strikes… Read More

Patra Cycling Just

Not much cycling being done at the moment as we enjoy our Christmas and New Year here in Patra, Peloponnese. The weather has been absolutely fantastic. Full sun, clear skies and hardly a breath of wind. Long may it continue. We only had 8km to decamp from the Porto Rio Hotel and Casino to downtown… Read More