The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Morocco by Bicycle

We have found Morocco at last! The coast road is now a joy. Quiet roads. Rolling tarmac. We have also passed 2,000km on our trip from Santander. There has been some stinky industry around Safi but here in Essaouira, the bay is beautiful. Now the trucks are diminishing, replaced with donkey and horse carts going… Read More

Bicycle Morocco by Coast

We know it was our choice to cycle Morocco by the coast. We knew it would be a different experience. We didn’t realise it would be so uninspiring. Sadly, there are no photos that can gloss this part of the trip. You will see from this blog that we have cycled the coasts and rivers… Read More

Bicycle Horn of Morocco

How can little simple things give so much pleasure and enjoyment. My £9.99 two tone horn from Halfords certainly does! From the ferry loaders at Tarifa, inquisitive children, hotel porters and the odd passer by just can’t resist the chance of a playful squeeze. It was meant as a warning yet has become a toy.… Read More

Spain – Another Day

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains. Rubbish! We are on the north coast and among the hills. It was raining in Santillana Del Mar as we set off this morning. Thankfully, we managed to dodge most of the downpours during the day, but it did mean spending some time in  Tapas bars.… Read More

India – Ready…Steady…

We are now looking forward to our next cycling adventure – India. Yesterday, I visited the India Visa Centre in Hayes, Middlesex to deposit our forms, photos and payment. The process was all very efficient and the staff very friendly, not surprising for a £94 fee each – ouch! Later in the day, we received acknowledgement emails, so… Read More