The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Bicycle USA 2015 Summary

It’s been a few weeks since we returned from our bicycle trip in the States, so we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what was an eventful, emotional and enthalling 1,100 mile journey.   As you may know, the trip began in Memphis. Our quest was to complete the wonderful Mississippi River Trail. On… Read More

Goodbye Mississippi

Sunday would be the day we say goodbye to the Mississippi River. It was spitting with rain as we decamped. By the time we were ready to go, the thunder and lightening was getting ever closer, so we just made it to the park shelter in time before the heavens opened. We were sharing the… Read More

Goodbye Mark Twain

Mark Twain said “Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.” I don’t suppose he was referring to Illinois State Highway 57, but the 12 mile stretch to Quincy nearly could easily have done that to us today. No shoulder. Heavy, busy traffic. We were constantly on and off road. Not pleasant… Read More

Mississippi Flooding

Whilst our phone SIM is only for data, we do get emergency alerts, and they are all for flash flooding. Yet the 60 mile ride from St Peters to Louisiana (no we are not senile yet, it is Louisiana, Missouri) was hot, hot, hot! Thankfully, highway 79 was mainly flat, light traffic going north from… Read More

St Louis Oh Where Art Thou?

To coin a phrase from the fabulous Coen Brothers, what is happening to St Louis? There is construction everywhere limiting access to most of downtown attractions especially the iconic Gateway Arch. On a hot, humid Saturday, we sweated our way over the Mississippi River bridge for some good views, but it was sad to see… Read More

St Louis Mississippi River Trail

Here we are in St Louis, Missouri. Home of the Cardinals and the iconic Gateway Arch. We cheated today as the weather is becoming very extreme. Our mobile phone is buzzing with flash flooding alerts. So we hitched a lift to downtown St Louis to our hotel for a couple of days. It’s only 20… Read More

Angel in Missouri

On a day that the USA is once again shamed for a tragic gun crime in South Carolina, we experienced all that is good and kindness in Missouri. All day it rained. There was no escape. We were soaked to the skin. It was only 20 miles to Arnold along highway 61 but it is… Read More

Where is the Mississippi River?

Another 32 miles along the Mississippi River Trail today from Sainte Genevieve to Festus. It was a wrench leaving the lodging at St Gemme de Beauvais. The establishment is fabulous, complementary afternoon wine and snacks plus a hearty breakfast. The rooms are sumptuous and elegant. It makes our B&Bs back in the UK pale into… Read More

Final Four States

This past week on the Mississippi River Trail has seen us visit the final four states of ten that the great river flows through. From Tennessee, across Kentucky, a quick hop into Illinois and finally into Missouri, yet the journey continues. From Covington, we cycled 45 miles along rolling countryside and we knew there was… Read More

Mississippi River Trail

These tatty maps and Bob Robinson’s book are ready for take off again. After some quality time off bikes with our grandchildren, we have some unfinished business starting in June to complete the Mississippi River Trail. It has been a fragmented journey over a number of years. Firstly, Tallahassee to New Orleans, then upstream ‘old… Read More