The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Mont Saint Michel

There is no doubt that the highlight of the Tour de Manche a velo cycle ride has to be the impressive and imposing Le Mont Saint Michel. It did not disappoint. From our campsite at Pontanbault, we were soon winding our way along the Normandy marshes, then suddenly the Mont came into view in the… Read More

Back on Le Tour de Manche

So, off we went again last Sunday from Saint Martin de Becares heading to Vire some 32km of cycling. We picked up the Tour de Manche a velo route at Le Ferriere – Harang hoping for a pleasant reintroduction. It was nothing of the sort. Very hilly and not particularly scenic given the quiet lanes.… Read More

Just off the Tour de Manche

For any of you are wondering where we are on Le Tour de Manche a velo, here is a quick update. We had to detour off the route to our campsite at Torigno-sur-Vire. From there we managed just a short 16km to our current destination. It is the campsite ‘Le Puits’ at Saint Martin Des… Read More

Tour de Manche to Torigno-sur-Vire

Saint Sauveur was such a quaint town and a reasonable campsite besides the old chateau, so we decided to take a day off to explore the town and river before heading off on Friday to Carentan. The cycle route was all along the Voie Verte. Some of it is a bit rough, hence the shaky… Read More

Tour de Manche Voie Verte

There is nothing better than being old and slow in the saddle. Today, we decided to take the advice of the Tour de Manche website and just cycle the 15km to Saint Sauveur. It was a very hot day and a strong southerly wind. Thankfully, being on the sheltered Voie Verte helped to keep the… Read More

Tour de Manche Bricquebec

It was a leisurely start to the day leaving camping Collignon around 11am. Following the Tour de Manche route on their website, we didn’t pay enough attention and missed a turning. It meant an exhausting detour up and down to rejoin the cycle path. The D322 part of the way was just as hilly. The… Read More

Tour de Manche Again

Now we are feeling great again. Today, we caught the high speed ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, and 3 hours later we were on a cycle path to a campsite at Collignon. It is almost on the Tour de Manche route, so tomorrow we will have no problem getting on our way. In keeping with… Read More