The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


End of the Road…For Now

You know it’s almost over when you start wishing for swimming pools rather than the saddle. Our stay at the Kailash Beach Resort was an absolute delight. For the most part we were the only paying guests, which afforded us excellent personal service. It seems that a lot of their income is derived from Scandinavian… Read More

Back to Pondicherry

After a few tranquil days in Tranquebar, we were back on our bikes again heading north towards Pondicherry. Our first stop would be Chidambaram, an extremely hot 55km ride. Our route kept us on NH45A which was a bit of a nightmare. There were only a few sections of decent road for cycling, most of… Read More

On the Road Again

Nagapattinam has to be the low point of our now 2,000km trip to date. Hoards of people left the train along with us and our bikes into a dirty, dusty fly blown town. It did not feel at all secure with countless seedy looking males hanging around a crude ‘wine’ shop. Having said that the… Read More

Heat and the Dreaded ‘P’ Word

When poor choices are made they tend to lead to further misfortune. We had been warned about the heat and the winds travelling north. We were also concerned that the east coast route may not have enough accommodation or suitable road conditions for bicycles. With that in mind, we set off from Kanyakumari north along… Read More

Downhill to Kanyakumari

We left Kovalam at dawn with a big climb out of town yet it was quite surreal as the sun rose over the horizon with a big church silhouetted and mass music broadcasting over loudspeakers. Very emotional especially with the mist hanging over the fields. It was almost 60km to Colachel. Almost every village we… Read More

On to Kovalam

Obviously it was uphill out of Varkala but we were soon on our way along the coast again. The road was very quiet although it was a little busier into Thiruvananthapuram. We passed many more grand churches but the biggest complex was the India National Space Centre. We’ve said it before that Indian technology can… Read More

Kochin to Varkala

Our next stop would be Alleppy 57km on. What a wonderful ride. The route took us all the way along the coast road avoiding the NH47. The only traffic being small buses taking children to school, auto rickshaws and motorbikes. Everywhere there was fish for sale. It was almost like a backwaters tour passing canals,… Read More

On to Kochin

Kerala is a bit of a disappointment to us as it is obviously an affluent state with plenty of smart malls, but the infrastructure is poor, the roads awful for cycling and the rubbish and burning a disgrace in an emerging economic country. Our next stop was Nileshwar, a trip of 37km and then it… Read More

Karnataka into Kerala

Leaving Kudle Beach we were correct with our assumption to exit on the southern end of the beach through Gokarna town. It saved quite a few hilly kilometres so that soon we were back on NH17 and on to the town of Kumta some 34 km on. Two hotels said that they were full before… Read More

Just Ask The Way

Do you really need a map when cycling leisurely with not time constraints in a country like India? We like information so we are equipped with the Nelles map of South India and an old Lonely Planet map book.  Being modern wrinklies, I invested in the Garmin Edge 810 and downloaded the Openstreetmap for India. … Read More