The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…

Trek Bicycles’

Cycle Europe Break

It has been a difficult time of late. Our mid season break in Patra, Greece, and my football trip to England, all went to plan. The ferry to Brindisi was booked, and we were looking forward to continuing cycling around Southern Italy. Then, family concerns have necessitated that we return to England. Without going into… Read More

Bicycle Music Week 2

Week 2 of our 30 day February music festival will mainly focus on Rivers. This is close to our hearts, as we have spent thousands of miles cycling the great Mississippi River Trail. The music doesn’t necessarily evoke all of our memories, but we and our bicycles are drawn to rivers, so the songs remind… Read More

Crete Peloponnese Cycle Review

Now, we’re sure that many of you may not consider 875km of cycling in Crete and the Peloponnese much of an adventure. Plus, doing this on our bikes for one month in three, doesn’t sound like much of a commitment. Well, you should consider our age, the time of year, the holidays, the Greek strikes… Read More

Cycling Mani Greece

It has been an indifferent week during our stay around Kardamyli and Stoupa on the Mani Peninsula. Our stay at Stella’s was soured with her too frequent incursions into our space, and complaints that we were using far too much electricity for heating a very cold apartment. Picture a compliant husband being ordered to stand… Read More

Cycling North Mani Greece

Sometimes, having access to the internet, can be a double edged sword. We looked at the weather forecast and pre booked our next week based on such predictions. Our first day out of Agios Andreas to Messini, a mere rolling 30km was no problem. Route 82 is not a pleasant road for cyclists, thankfully, we… Read More

Cycle Greece Slowly

Our bicycle tour of the Peloponnese becomes more breathtaking by the day! We are also being blessed with some unseasonal warm weather. From Kyparrisia, we had a short 25kms to Marathopoli and it was mainly flat and quiet on the roads again. The coastal views are stunning. We really fell on our feet at Faros… Read More

Kyparissia Bicycle

We were castigated by the eccentric lady of the Rex Hotel this morning for not eating enough breakfast! Greek yogurt, honey, salami, cheese, fruit, bread, juice and strong coffee was more than enough. Another beautiful day and we were off to Kyparissia some 30km away. The main road was not so good today. Speeding vehicles… Read More

Theophany and Bikes

You can’t come to Greece, experience something completely different, and not say “it’s all Greek to me”. Yesterday was such a day. We had been told that it was Theophany, a big and important holiday in the Greek calendar. Not being entirely religious, but certainly spiritual, we were fascinated by this annual ritual. In a… Read More

Olympia & Katakolo

We’ve given the bicycles a rest here in Katakolo and joined the winter tourist trail to Olympia. Our Airbnb host at Tsoukalas Rooms to Let has small, yet great value (€22) accommodation overlooking the harbour. It’s not for the faint hearted or disabled, as there are many steps to climb to reach the rooms. Katakolo… Read More

Back on Bicycles Greece

Happy New Year! After a two week break around Patras we were more than ready for those bicycles. There was a tinge of sadness leaving the city as we had become accustomed to the various coming and goings of the big ferries. Indeed, it was different ‘ringing’ in the new year to the blaring ship’s… Read More