The Adventures of Grandma & Grandpa

One big world, 2 bikes, 6 grandchildren many postcards…


Welcome to Ireland Portimao

I know it’s been over a week since our last post, but I’m not a happy bunny. Firstly, my phone SD card has crashed again, and secondly, the cycling has not turned out to be that much fun. More about that later and the reasons why, but in the meantime, let’s catch up with our… Read More

Still on the Tour de Manche

In case anyone is interested, we are still cycling the Tour de Manche. We are taking a break in the lovely town of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo courtesy of Canvas Holidays in a lovely mobile home equipped with a spacious deck. We reluctantly left the fabulous campsite Minihy and continued on the ever rolling bicycle route towards Erquy.… Read More

Frites on the Tour de Manche

We’re not sure if it’s the air or the hills, but we slept in until 10.30 this morning! Not unusual for me, but unheard of from Jenny. Luckily, we were only going 20km. It was overcast and very muggy as we set off back through Hillion. A lot of today’s ride followed old railway lines… Read More

The Beauty of the Tour de Manche

It’s been a bit boring calling every post of this Tour de Manche cycle trip by numbers. Also, it’s better to try and post regularly, as posts become a bit of we did this, then we did that. So today is all about our 34km ride from Binic to the Pointe des Guettes near Hillion.… Read More

Tour de Manche 5

Firstly, a rant! Not about the cycle ride, but technology. My Gopro stopped working recently because of a corrupt SD card. Now my phone, on which I store videos and pictures has done the exact same thing. Do these products have self destruct? Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some sort of recovery when the… Read More

Tour de Manche 4

We are more than convinced that this cycle route has to be one of the most beautiful rides. So much so that each kilometre offers fantastic views and experiences. Having spent a couple of days at the campsite in Tournoy we wandered over the bridge to Perros Guirec. This town is absolutely fabulous. Once voted… Read More

Tour de Manche 3

We are very lucky and we are old. Lucky that we have little time constraints, and old in that we struggle upwards on this rolling terrain. So, like the current French labour dispute, we are on a go slow! This part of France is extremely beautiful and we want to take time to enjoy the… Read More

Tour de Manche 1

We are now on our way. The Brittany Ferries sailing from Plymouth to Roscoff went without a hitch. Fabulous crossing, great service and a very comfortable cabin. We left the boat easily along with dozens of other touring cyclists all heading in different directions. It did seem though that all roads firstly lead to Morlaix.… Read More

RvN by Half The Finish

We couldn’t say it was a stunning end to our cycle ride around The Netherlands, but it was warm, and the paths brilliant as usual. Gouda was an absolute delight though. If you love cheese, you’ll love this town. We forgot to add the photographs of the incredible castle yesterday at De Haar. Very Bavarian… Read More

RvN Cycle by Half 2

We have decided to cut short our Ronde van Nederland cycle tour by half. From Holten, we could have taken the RvN East to Enschede and the German border. Instead, we detoured to Zutphen for an emotional meeting with friends that we haven’t seen for 12 years. It was a cold, windy ride through lovely… Read More