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Tour de Manche the End

We  have finally completed the French section of Le Tour de Manche a velo. The 400km trip must go down as the slowest bicycle ride on the route! Leaving St Benoit des Ondes, it was only 11km to our campsite Les Genets just outside Cancale.



The weather was miserable, so we stayed put in a mobile home for 3 days before just heading another 11km to Camping de la Fontaine on the outskirts of Saint Malo. We took another mobile home, this time a quirky purple version. Lovely.



We were very intrigued during another 3 day break regarding the sign outside the closed sanitation block, instructing campers to go elsewhere!


So, now it was only 7km to finish our cycling trip at St Malo. As we’ve said, it has been slow. Yet that is what we are all about. Sure, the route can be done very quickly, but why hurry? We are very lucky that we don’t have to.


So now it’s done, we will look forward to a respite from the bikes. We have loads of plans for the rest of the year and beyond. Some on two wheels. Some on feet and some with 6 grandchildren. Check us out and thanks for visiting.




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  1. Les says

    I hope you don’t mind me asking and please only tell me what you want to, Linda and I are curious about costs for the mobile home/chalet accommodation you used on your trip. Our safari tent at St Sauveur was lovely but it was a lot more expensive than it seemed on Airbnb as we had to pay pitch rental and electricity at caravan rates, which bumped the cost up considerably – much more than we paid on a site at Le Lude on Le Loir last year for the same level of accommodation. Did you spend multiple nights and did that bring the price down? We’re retired (and grandparents)so we have to watch the pennies…

    • Grandma&Grandpa says

      Not at all. Generally, we noted that mobile home prices varied considerably even out of high season. We arrived at Les Genets near Cancale ready to camp, but the weather was miserable. They were closing at the end of September, so we took the last 3 nights. It cost €145 and 3 nights was the minimum in low season. Lovely, spacious mobile, but ordinary site.
      We then looked for accommodation around Saint Malo on and found Camping de la Fontaine, but the mobiles were too big and expensive. So we went on their own website and booked a lovely 2 person chalet for 3 nights. We wanted 4 but this small smarter site is open until November, so obviously has more demand. It cost just over €50 per night.
      We were really worried about St Malo before the ferry as the city campsite is closed for the year. Luckily, we found on, Pierre et Vacances Ty Mat in St Sevran, a 15 minute walk into the old city. This was an apartment complex perfectly located. We stayed 5 nights for £30 a night, but you can book single nights if you want.
      We hope this makes sense, but if you need any further info, just ask. Kind regards. Gavin & Jenny.

      • Les says

        Thanks both.

  2. Les says

    Loved your approach to touring! We were doing something similar on our short one week tour when our paths crossed. Sorry we didn’t speak…

    • Grandma&Grandpa says

      Hi Les. Thanks for your kind comments. We are lucky that we have plenty of time. It’s a small world and you never know when paths will cross again.